There were a small group of young guys who were obsessed by electronics and acoustics since they were children. They practised their passion as sound system designers and engineers in thousands of live shows featuring renowned bands and singers. They designed systems and used the most renowned audio brands in the world day after day. They studied electronic and acoustic engineering eagerly and thoroughly. After years of experience they understood the relationships between frequency response, phase, impedance, directivity, drivers, crossovers, amplifiers, transmission, pre-amp and levels, positioning and distance of sound, and even the secrets of how sound connects with emotion!

By 2013, this group of young people had become a backbone in the industry.  They had an idea: to develop and manufacture sound systems that meet the highest standard and fit market demands by using their knowledge and understanding of applications and technologies. It was an exciting moment! And so YMESYSTEMS were born that same year, with the genes of YOUNG, MUSIC, EMOTION.

SYSTEMS launched their first active and passive line array: YOGA, and it was a great success. Based on years of live show experience and the latest electronic technologies, YOGA features true analogue circuits and a class D 3-channel high power amplifier to drive two passive subwoofers and four passive single 10” bi-amp top speakers. Combined with weather-resistant paint and a patented transportation system(patent No.:ZL 2015 2 0796950.X, invention type), YOGA is well respected by audio professionals in the sound industry.

YMESYSTEMS have a complete product range, with systems for live sound, fixed installation, portable application and corporate events. All our products have the advantage of innovative technology, practical, rational and elegant design, first-class quality, and of course competitive pricing.  Today YMESYSTEMS’ products are popular across the world: in Asia, Europe, America and Africa.