YMESYSTEMS narrow the gap between our products and top audio brands by selecting high-quality components, using cutting-edge technologies and running strict tests. We focus on the quality and stability of our products and aim to provide turnkey systems to our customers. YMESYSTEMS pay close attention to the smallest detail - every cable, every connector, every piece of rigging, trying to provide a refined and perfect solution in every way.

From speaker drivers to cabinets, from amplifiers to processors, 
YMESYSTEMS only use the most advanced engineering to make sure every product meets the requirements of the most professional and demanding applications, such as:

1.Our advanced specialist facilities are used for producing and coating cabinets to ensure the accuracy of cutting and spraying.
2.Hardware and components are all assembled by precision laser welding.
3.Drivers are assembled by a combination of hand-build and intelligent assembly lines. We also use CLIO 11 FW Acoustical Measurement System to guarantee the consistency of the drivers’ frequency response.
4.Strict overall testing before shipping.
5. All rigging components have passed rigorous safety load testing.