• VS 18BA
VS 18BA is the active version of VS 18B.

Thanks to the superpower and multi-channels of the amplifier module of YMESYSTEMS(2X1000@4Ω + 1X2500@4Ω), 1 active VS 18BA can drive 2 2 pieces full range speakers (VS 12-4 or VS 15-4) and another passive bass speaker VS 15B. Better than the ordinary satellite system (one 1 sub only amplifying 2 passive full range speakers), VERSA active satellite system delivers more powerful low frequency in more affordable price.

Frequency Response45Hz--100Hz(±3dB)
 Power Rating(AES)800W
 LF Driver1x18" (100mm voice coil, ferrite)
 Max. SPL127dB SPL, 133dB SPL Peak
 Enclosure15mm, 18mm Multilayer Plywood
 RiggingsM8 x 12 + M20 Mount

Black water-based paint


Black steel mesh + acoustic transparent cloth

3 Channels D Class Switching Power Amplifier Module
  Full Range Left Full Range Right Subwoofer
  1000W 1000W 2500W
 THD(1kHz, Full Power 4Ω) 
 1% 1%
 SNR 102.5dB 103dB 103dB
 Gain(1Khz,8Ω) 20dB 32dB 32dB
 Input Method Neutrik & XLR male & XLR Female
 Input Impedance 20K Ω Banlanced/10kΩ Unbalanced
 Input Connection (Full Range) Neutrik NL4MP (LF: 1+1-, HF: 2+2-)
 Input Connection (Subwoofer) Neutrik NL4MP (SUB: 1+1- )
 Output Circuit Type Class D
 Cooling The airflow direction is from the back to the front of the equipment
 Voltage 200-240V  ~ 50-60Hz