• GT 21

GT 21 is the dual 21” infra subwoofer which is the biggest now unprecedentedly from YMESYSTEMS. In pursuit of perfect performance, GT 21 has made no compromise utilizing the highest standard component and materials. The  two extremely powerful 21” neodymium driver with 135mm, 5.3” voice coil is custom-made with extreme low frequency range of 28Hz ~ 200Hz (-10dB ) with amazing peak of SPL 146.6dB.

Thanks to the hybrid design and precision-made of 24mm birch plywood, the enclosure helps maximizing the efficiency of GT 21. As a result, the energy and power of the low frequency is still perceptible even at a great distance.

With up to 8 large handles around the enclosure and 4 wheels in rear side, GT 21 is convenient in operation and transportation. It’s the perfect choice for mega touring, rental use and for any application that needs a truly massive bass foundation.


Frequency Response32Hz - 150Hz (±3 dB)
28Hz ~ 200Hz (-10dB )
 Power Rating(AES)3600W
 Drivers2×21〞 (135mm voice coil, neodymium)
 Dimension(HXWXD)607×1415× 900(mm)/1040(mm) with casters
 Max SPL140.6dB,146.6dB peak
 Net Weight141Kg
 ConnectorNL4MP x 3
 Enclosure24mm first grade birch plywood

Black polyurethane paint


2mm black steel mesh + acoustic transparent cloth