• GT 9
GT 9, the dual 9” 2 way triamp line array system is specially designed for applications where needs high fidelity output. Meanwhile,  the extremely compact and light enclosure (H:256×W:780×D:4500 mm, 26kg) , GT 9 offers supurb convenience in trucking and operation.
The challenge of designing GT 9 is how to maintain excellent acoustics performance while putting 3 pcs speakers along with wave guide inside the amazingly compact enclosure.Up to 112dB sensitivity with penetration and delsmoothness delivered by 2 pcs 1.75” compression tweeters with 44mm voice coil loaded in an integrated waveguide which meets all physics criteria of wave sculpture technology.
The 2 pcs 9” woofers with the special formulated carborn fiber cone features ultra strengthness and lightness to mi-low frequency.The low frequency can be reached down to 60Hz, which makes GT 9 perfectly working with GT SUB.
Precision-made 18 mm birch plywood enclosure with a durable pollyurea paint finishing. The availability of EASE FOCUS 3 GLL works together with smart & presettable rigging system, the extraordinary GT 9 is the perfect choice which fits for small-medium size applications of touring and installation.


Frequency Response80Hz - 16KHz (±3 dB)
60Hz - 18KHz (-10dB)
 Nominal Dispersion(-6dB)H:100゜; V:10゜(Adjustable)
 Sensitivity(@1w/1m)Hi:112dB, L Low:97dB ,R Low:97dB
 Power Rating(AES)Hi:120W, L Low:500W ,R Low:500W
 ImpedanceHi:16Ω, L Low:12Ω ,R Low:12Ω
 Max SPLHi:133dB,139dB peak
L Low:124dB,130dB peak
R Low:124dB,130dB peak
 DriversHi:2×1.75〞(1〞exit) neodymium compression 
driver(44mm voice coil)
Low:2×9〞 (75mm voice coil neodymium)
 Net Weight26Kg
 Rigging3 rigging points,from 0°to 10°, adjustable
 ConnectorWP8 x 2
 ConnectionL Low:1-2+,R Low:3-4+, Hi: 5-6+
 Enclosure18mm first grade birch plywood

Black polyurethane paint


2mm black steel mesh + acoustic transparent cloth